School Applicant Purpose Amount  
WCH Ms. Baldwin, Ms. Dyke Teach tolerance $1,748
EWM Mr. Kearney Parent involvement program $1,587
LFK Shirley Trumbull Phonics consultant to train K-2 teachers. $1,300
EWM Kim Santmyers Shenandoah University program $200
WCM John Everhart, Ken Hopkins Morning study hall $1,800
WCH James Moose, Robert McMillen Science equipment $500
WCH Andrea Stuart Photography software $2,000
LFK Michael Kits Staff training for newly acquired computer equip. $2,000
WCH Mary Lamphier, Sallie Wetzel Summer workshop for teachers $1,721
WCM Karen Brito, James Rusnak, & Ken Hopkins Stepping out programintroducing severely disabled children to the community $329
EWM Jill Walters Va. History speakers, field trips, & materials $700
HJB Bev Morrison, Chrisann Mishler Young author celebration $759
WCH Andrea Stuart Internet & phone connections $500
LFK Gail Bowie Rap, Rhythm, & Rhyme $2,500
LFK Erika Way Phonics workshop $2,000
WCH Debra Merchant Anti-bias program $1,500
WCH Linda Fristoe Writers retreat workshops $750
WCM Pam Dyke Composer to work w/150 band students for 3 days $1,500
WCH Patrick Farris Student trip to GMU to see model United Nations $2,000
HJB Donna Robertson Individual student reading packets $500
WCM John Everhart Second Step violence prevention program $1,166
EWM Kim Kiec Piano keyboard lab $2,173
EWM Susan Hrbek Tech-works program materials $1,012
LFK Geraldine Curtis Tech-works program materials $1,012
RJE Lisa Rudacille Reading renaissance training for teaching staff $2,437
WCH Mary Lamphier Talking word processor; scan/read aloud software; phonemic instructional software; graphic organizer $1,050
HJB Timothy Grant Guitars, storage, stands, stools, sheet music $2,000
WCM Pam Dyke One week guest composer for band students $2,500
HJB Chrisann Mishler Weather Instruments $750
LFK Mary Owens Seven year character education program $551
LFK Mary Owens Writing workshop: Rap, Rhythm, and Rhyme $2,500
LFK Patricia Blume Weather station $2,000
WCM Kim Kiec Two piano keyboards, headphones, mics, & stands $838
WCH Andrea Stuart Art exhibit & horticultural space $600
WCH David Solomon Eight piano keyboards, headphones, mics, & stands $3,000
LFK Cathleen Grady Instructional games 1,686
WCM Terry Moss & Donna Carroll Norman Jordan, poet/playwright: living history of Carter Woodson; writing workshop 2,000
LFK Patricia Blume Ken-A-Vision Microprojector 890
LFK Mary Owens Team Mentor Program 3,000
LFK Mary Owens Yello Dyno Pro schoolwide personal safety 1,000
WCH David Rubbo Campus beautification (combine with #2) 1,000
WCH Janet Noel Roman archaeological dig 1,000
WCH Jim Kenney Horticulture program (greenhouse) 3,000
HJB Jen McKelvey & Joey Waters School garden 1,000
WCSB Julie Curry 50 books: The First Days of School, & supplies 1460
HJB Joey Waters Professional staff reading materials 1000
HJB Carey Brogan Leap Pad;Think & Go Phonics 1090
LFK Geraldine Curtis Local childrens author visit 600
LFK Holly Lightcap Science books 2500
LFK Nathan Lightcap Literature books 1556
LFK Brenda Ring Phonic Ear System 1000
WCH Buck Smith 2-day seminar: National Fed of Interscholastic Coaches Ed Program 2000
RSJ Kim Okland, Susan Morris Brain Gym training 1000
RSJ Jennifer Hill, Lisa Rudacille Four 55-minute presentations by a prof. author 650
Athletics Buck Smith 57 Developing the Credible Coach 3,000
HJB Joey Waters Character & Competence Training 5,368
EWM Margaret Holmes Kids Club 8,000
WCSB Greg Drescher Character & Competence Training 9,600
WCH James Grooms, Ken Knesh Do Right Training 5,000
WCH Ernestine Jordan, Melinda Calhoun, Denise Nelson Data Driven Inquiry & Team Excellence Training 3,400
WCSB Greg Drescher Leadership Development 5,000
WCSB Gesina Korte, Lori Layman Quizdom 9,800
WCM Alan Fox, Terry Moss Smartboards 7,076
WCSB Julie Curry Teacher Mentor Training 5,180
WCSB Greg Drescher Project Lead the Way 30,000
LFK Jayne Coulter Whisperphones 460
WCM Pam Dyke Emerging Artists 5,500
WCPS Melody Sheppard iPods in the Classroom 14,000
LFK Brenda Ring Super Kids for First Grade 8,040
LFK Amy Lelito Guitars $2,762
WCM Melody Sheppard PLTW Biomedical Sciences Program 10,000
HJB Joey Waters/Tim Grant Improved Learning with "Ladibugs" 5,000
SHS Tom Bowen Kindles in the Classroom: A Pilot Program 3,500
SHS Karen Heier Math Tools 1,700
SHS Heidi Trude Foreign Language Leaning Lab 2,500
WCHS Andrea Stuart Upgrade for the Graphic Arts Lab 760
WCM Alan Fox Youth Enrichment Tutoring Program 1,290
WCM Maria Wakefield i-Pads for Life Science 3,000
ASR Carla Scott i-Pads for Special Education 2,500
WCM Cathi Jo Ballard Integrating Technology in English 7 3,000
EWM Jill Alicie Classic Learning $3,000
RSJ Lindsey Orndorff Book Buddies $717
WCM Maria Wakefield Wildcat Buddies $2,600
WCM Danelle Sterling Inclusion Language Arts $5,000
HJB Laura Engel STEM $5,000
SHS Gesina Korte Android Tablets $7,500
WCHS Tom Breed 3D Printers into Classrooms $7,500
BRTC Brian Williams Welding Works $5,000
BRTC Jennifer Anderson PLTW Medical Interventions $7,500
BRTC Mike Abel Going Green $9,766
WCHS Robert Rimmel Math Academy Remediation Support $1,500
RSJ Kim Okland Ukulele Program $2,500
WCM Jamie Dusing Enhancement of Classroom Library $500
BRTC Samantha Baugher Simulation in the Nursing Aide Classroom 4,520
BRTC Jennifer Anderson PLTW Biomedical Science $13,000
SHS Linda Fall Moby Max: Online English Resource $600
WCSB Jessica Dandridge Simulation in the Nursing Aide Classroom $4,520
WCM Rebecca Webster Differentiated Learning with Literacy Stations $4,700
WCM Jenny Stanley Differentiated Literary Learning Stations $4,990
BRTC Samantha Baugher Simulation in the Nursing Aide Classroom $4,520
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