School Applicant Purpose Amount  
WCM Allison Cusato 3-D Design-Ify $1,644
WCM Danelle Sperling Books for Reluctant Middle School Readers $4,100
ASR Lesley Detweiler Love and Logic Facilitator Curriculum $700
WCHS Pam Waters/Jessica Kelly Unique Learning System Super Bundle $5,980
WCHS Zella Davis Self-Selected Reading Project $3,500
WCHS Katie Kwiatkowksi Integrating Art and Technology within the Artistic Design Process $2,833.68
SHS Heidi Trude Chromebooks in the French Classroom $5,000
WCM Dasha Sealock/John Lacombe Science in 3D! Starring WCMS STEM Students $5,600
WCM Pam Dyke Band Enrichment Opportunities $4,500
EWM Hilary Baker School Counseling Resources $1,500
LFK Amy Lelito Drum Circle $2,885
WCSB Nash Keim Diversified Minds Makerspace $3,030
EWM Katie Wilson Learning While Moving $2,709
ASR Michael Mathias Archery Club $2,875
WCM Stephanie Wagner Program Based Learning Mobile MakerSpace 3,900
WCM Jane Baker PLTM Gateway Program 4,025.35
SHS Sarah Putnam and Sarah Stelzl High School Makerspaces: Make, Build, Invent, Learn! 7,800
SHS Ben Lombardo Guitar Methods Class 1,600
HJB Megan McKee Project Based Learning 2,000
EWM Tripp Lewis Step Pedometers for Physical Education 682.65
BRTC Tom Breed Robotics 14,314
ASR Anita Painter Project Based Learning and Engineering Challenges 4,500
WCHS Chris Whitney Film Production $3,200
EWM Heather Lupton Virtual Reality $10,000
EWM Moriah Rush Wobble While Working $1,600
ASR Charity Lease ASR After School STEM Club $5,000
WCSB Julie Haines SLP Toolkit $180
ASR Beth Cayer Stem Lab $5,000
RSJ Kristin Frankel Mindfulness and Theraplay Resources $1,400
EWM Jessica Hamilton Learning with Focus $775
WCSB Laurel Gilliom Hatching Chickens $439.99
SHS Grace Bucklen Greenhouse $7,500
SKMS Robin Jensen Digital Science Lab Tools $3,995
WCSB Alan Fox Division Wide Activities Director $2,500
WCSB Michael Hirsch Mental Health First Aide $10,000
WCM Jen Davis/ Luke Heeter/ Amy Lelito WCMS STEAM Tinker Lab $5,000
SKMS Jillian Atherton-Mellish Gifted and Talented Classes and Science $5,000
SHS Paula Levesque Improving Stem learning for Skyline Students $2,800
EWM Rodney Brown / Shane Goodwin B.I.G. (Boys Into Gentlemen) $2,500
SHS Michele Barber Our Future Medical Community $15,000
WCSB Thomas Hodge A Non-Traditional Approach to School Gardening $2,500
WCSB Amiira Lanterman / Jacqueline Dopson Read and Write for Google Chrome $1,800
WCM Tess Wharton Friday Coffee Cart $650
WCM Rebekah Pennington Flexible Seating for a Special Needs Classroom $600
WCM Rebecca Webster Comprehension w/ Audiobooks $600
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