Letter From the President

Dear Friend,

Douglas Stanley, PresidentThe Warren County Educational Endowment (WCEE) is excited about the future of Warren County’s school system! It is the Endowment’s aim to be a comunity support for the enormous energy put forth by our teachers, students, staff, and parents to ensure that  Warren County Public School graduates have an enhanced ability to lead successful lives.  We hope you will want to share in the excitement by becoming a donor to the WCEE.  Your contribution will help build the endowment base to support the grants we give each year to the Warren County Public Schools.

If you have donated in the past, we thank you and invite you to continue supporting the local schools through WCEE.  The WCEE, a non profit 501(c)3 foundation, is a volunteer effort working right here in our community.  The mission is to serve as a catalyst for the continuing improvement of the learning environment in our schools via funding projects that:

  • Are sponsored by the school system, and consistent with its mission/direction
  • Initiate sustained improvement in the fundamental capability of the school system
  • Enhance the attractiveness of the community through the promotion of educational excellence

The corpus of the endowment is invested and the income is used to help with educational projects.  It is to be used to directly assist in promoting creative efforts to foster educational excellence for the children of Warren County.  To date, the endowment has given 135 grants totaling $454,428.37 over the past twenty one years.


At this time of deep cuts to education budgets, the Warren County Educational Endowment feels a compelling commitment to our mission of helping the local school system support high level and creative programs for our children.  The Warren County Public School System has had to make some difficult decisions in dealing with budget issues and needs our support more than ever.  With these four grant awards we feel that we have been able to give a spark to creative thinking and continue to encourage the spread of the use of technology as a tool for advanced learning.


According to School Superintendent Greg Drescher, “The Warren County Educational Endowment provides funding for learning activities in our schools that often involve cutting edge technology or unique instructional practices that teachers are interested in trying in their classrooms. This funding allows our school system to try out something new before making a large investment. The Endowment has also supported some of our big initiatives, like Project Lead-The-Way. Endowment funding helped us start a program that now impacts close to 300 of our high school students annually. There is no doubt this group has had a profound and important impact on our school system. They are a perfect example of the community support our school system enjoys.”

With your help, our volunteers can continue to offer this support to the School System.  We hope you will join us in our belief that strong schools are a vital part of strong communities.


Douglas Stanley,