Grant Award Information

Supporting Warren County Public Schools since 1994

Our mission is to be a catalyst in supporting the continuous improvement of the educational process and learning environment in the Warren County Public Schools. The Endowment works in partnership with the school system to help fund innovative projects of many different descriptions. 

Projects which provide opportunities to enrich learning in academic areas such as foreign language, math, science, technology, language arts and fine arts.

Examples of grants awarded include funding for Virginia History Speakers, writer’s retreat workshop, an archeological  dig, and, Smartboards, and Project Lead-the-Way.

Projects which extend learning opportunities for our students.

Examples of grants awarded include funding for A Kids Club after school, a trip to George Mason University to visit the model United Nations, character education program, and a weather station.

Projects which provide additional support to teachers and administrators who design unique plans for professional development.

Examples of grants awarded include funding for new teacher training, leadership development, teacher mentoring training, and seminars and workshops sponsored by universities and other educationally oriented organizations that enable teachers to study with recognized authorities in their field of specialization or to have active experiences in research or exploration of a specific interest area. Successful applicants are awarded grants and thereby receive a special opportunity over and above what can normally be offered through the school system.